Welcome to our webpage, which is mostly dedicated to the up and coming conference in Vancouver, Canada this September! The Conference is the fourth in the row, and it is dedicated to biotechnical engineering, geotechnical engineering and of course the novelties in technology and engineering in general! We hope to see you there as a participant or a speaker! For speakers, you must register until the August, 13th, and participants can register even at the very event! For more information visit the registration page.See you there!

What Is Our Goal

In this section of our website, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the goals we have put before us, and that will give you an idea where we strive to get as an organization.


First of all, we would like to emphasize the importance which education has for us as an organization and creators of many Conferences in innovation and technology. We hope to inspire others for life-long learning and lead them down the right path, that will allow them to share this knowledge with others.


We also hope to connect people who work in technology and innovation with students and all other interested parties. Connecting people is one of our main goals because it is the most important aspect of getting ideas realized.


Inspiring others to participate in our Conferences and give their contribution is very important for us, mainly because it gives us the opportunity to set a clear goal in front of us and bring all people to action. Sitting home daydreaming can be interesting to get the ideas, but we hope to inspire innovators to take some real-life actions as well!

Our Experts And How They Can Help

Learn more about our experts at GeoVan, Vancouver, CA. In case that you have any questions concerning the Conference or future collaboration, you can contact them and ask them about any potential collaboration via email. Find their contact info on the information page.

Mark O’Reilly

One of the leading experts in geotechnical advancements and innovations is also one of the main organizers of the conference which will take place this September. Mr. O’Reilly has already had experience with organizing Conferences, but this is one which he holds most important.


William Fitzpatrick

If you want to learn more about innovations, just talk for a while with William Fitzpatrick, and you will learn all that there is to know. This man is a walking encyclopedia and completely willing to share his experience and knowledge with our participants at the conference.

Geraldine Evelyn Patterson

All of this would not be possible without Mrs. Patterson who has had enough vision and energy to get all the participants and speakers together and organize such an amazing Event.


Vision And Strategy For The Future

We have organized this years’ Geo Vancouver conference, and we are already planning the next one! Our vision for the future involves a lot of changes and many novelties! As for our strategy, we hope to connect all the people who would like to help us change the future and organize something completely new for the next year. Also, since our participants come from all around the world, we hope to bring the next conference to them and organize something similar in their region.