Geotechnical Engineering And Innovation

Are you an engineering professional who would like to learn more about current trends and innovations? Well, you’re in luck because we have just the news you wanted to hear! This year, same as last, we have organized another GeoVancouver Seminar and if you want to learn more about it read further!

What Have We Prepared For You?

We have prepared a true delight for everyone who is interested in geotechnical engineering. Leading experts from around the world are expected to gather for this event which is once in a year that you can witness to such an event. In addition to that, we expect many leading companies to have their stand at the Conference and grace all the participants with their presence. This will not just give you the opportunity to make some very important contacts in this world, but it will also give you the chance to learn what is new and find out more about the leading technologies which are just being developed as we speak.


How To Innovate On Your Own

If you are somewhat of an innovator yourself but lack financial support or much-needed funds, this conference will also come in handy. We will present you with opportunities to work with companies both from the country, as well as those abroad and get in contact. Innovating on your own sometimes is not even possible, which is why you have to work with other people and get in contact with many people from the same business area. Conferences such as GeoVan achieve just that, and they give you the opportunity to find your place in the world of innovations.

What Do We Hope To Change?

We hope to change the way people get that first shot which will allow them to make something extraordinary. It is why we invite all young researchers and aspiring technicians as well as experienced engineers to join in on this one in a kind event and give their contribution. We strongly believe that we are much more creative, productive and innovative when we join forces and show a united front.