Novelties Have We Prepared For This Year’s GeoVan Conference

As we have said several times before, for this year’s conference, we have prepared many surprises for all the visitors and speakers at the conference. Without giving too much away, we can say that it will be as interesting for those who are coming for the first time, as it will be for those who have been to our conference the last year and years before since we have existed as an event. Here is what we can share with you about the novelties and the changes we are introducing, without spoiling the surprise for you.

Interactive Shows

One of the aspects that we are immensely proud of is the introduction of interactive shows in our Conference. Even though this is something we have much talked about, this year we have finally assembled the funds and the exhibitors which will make it the way we wanted it from the first place. The interactive shows are free to all those who are registered as Conference visitors, and we will make sure that it is open throughout the day and well after the lectures, so everyone has the chance to visit it. Also, the interactive shows will be interesting to people who would like to learn more about a certain aspect of engineering or innovations that they did not know anything about. Therefore, we invite students to visit this hall as well, since the admission is free to students, as long as you bring a document to show that you are a student.

Communicative Workshops

workshopWe have also prepared a series of workshops that will allow you to talk to other engineers and innovators, as well as potential benefactors, and exchange ideas and share experiences. We have realized that this aspect is much needed in the Conference we organize, so we make sure that we change it for the better.

Do you have any suggestions? Each year we are trying to make this Conference as good as we can and even better than that! We appreciate any comment and constructive criticism, so make sure you give us your feedback. We will take your comment and ideas into consideration, and who knows, perhaps next year you will see your idea realized! We will also award the idea with a free admission and stay during the next year’s conference, so make sure you take part in this game!