Learn More About Vancouver!

Vancouver is one of the most extraordinary cities in the continent, which has a lot to show off with! Especially in autumn, visiting Vancouver can be a lovely experience. This city has a lot to offer, from natural beauties to lovely events, but most importantly one of the greatest conferences in geology and engineering, the 2017 GeoVan! If you want to go around and see more of Canada and Vancouver, here is what you should especially pay attention to and potentially visit if time allows it.

Grouse Mountain


This paradise which is one of the most visited nature reserves will blow your mind! It is unconceivable to some people how Canada, and especially Vancouver, has this potential to connect the wilderness with urban areas. One of the arguments which further confirm just that is the fact that Grouse Mountain is located just 15 minutes from the center of Vancouver, and it will offer you all the experience which you would expect from a wilderness destination.


If you want to experience a part of the cosmopolitan Vancouver, make sure you do not miss out on visiting the Chinatown. This is the largest Chinatown in Canada, and it is always buzzing with people, colors, cultures, and various exotic cuisines from Asia. If you are from Asia, you will feel at home, but even if you have never been to Asia or China, visiting this part of Vancouver could bring you closer to that very experience, and you will feel like you have seen the world.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

As for the sights, one of the best places to take a photo, or at least a selfie is Capilano Suspension Bridge. This bridge has been a landmark of Vancouver, ever since 1889. All the visitors flock to this bridge to see one of the most popular attractions in the whole of Canada, so make sure you plan some time to go and check it out.

Granville Island

The home of 300 businesses, various restaurants, studios and facilities, the Grandville Island has a timeless feeling to it. It is the place where you can try out culinary specialties, see various craftsmen and artists and learn more about the tradition of apprenticeship in Vancouver, which we deeply cherish and hope to continue through this Conference as well.

Aboriginal Tourism

Aboriginal tourism will allow you to immerse yourself in the living traditions of BritishColumbia’snative peoples. Also, you will have the chance to experience authentic music and dance, food, arts, stories, and fascinating cultural artifacts.