Confirmed Exhibitors

So far we have numerous exhibitors who have fortunately confirmed their presence at the GeoVan 2017! With pride, we present you their names and give you a little bit more information where you will be able to find them at the very conference. We also must add, that while the numbers of the booths can be of assistance, for some real help download our app and make sure you make the most of it. The app will help you navigate your way through the show and Conference with much-needed confidence. So, if you are having problems navigating around the conference, or would just like to do so with a lot less hustle, make sure you download this years’ app here:

Now, a word or two about the exhibitors and what they have prepared for you.

Company – Booth number


Atlantic Industries Limited – 107

One of the largest industries on this side of the world has decided very early on they would be a part of our Conference and in addition to that, they have also prepared lots of valuable gifts for the presenters as our main sponsor of the event.

AGRA Foundations Limited – 27

The AGRA has had a great reputation as a company that supports new ideas, so we expect some novelties to amaze us at the Conference.

Axter Coletanche Inc – 306

The Axter Coletanche Inc have also prepared a rich program, and we hope to see you at their stand.

BGC Engineering – 15

If you want to learn more about engineering this stand is where you want to be at.

BiTech Mezzanine – 20

One of the largest companies in Canada has done us a great deal of pride to have a stand at our Conference third year in a row! Make sure you visit the stand.

Boart Longyear Drilling Services Level 2 – 29

One of the best companies for young and driven interns, always on the lookout for new associates, will attract students flocking to their stand.

Brock White Canada – 204

This company is up and coming so if you are an investor make sure you give them some attention.

Campbell Scientific Canada – 205

The best research point for any researchers interested in new technologies and current issues in engineering.

Canada Geo-Solutions, Inc    Level 2 – 28

On level two, we are proud to present Canada’s finest Inc that will attract many visitors.