Prepare to Learn And Experience Novelties

For all those who are planning to come to this years’ Conference, we are glad and feel privileged that you have chosen to come to this event. We hope that you have already had the opportunity to learn more about all the things we have prepared for you this year. If not, you will have more than enough chances to learn more about it through all sorts of ways. We also want to tell our visitors what they can expect this year and teach them a little bit more about all the experiences they can expect. Hopefully, you will love it so much that you will come back next year as well! We are expecting you.


Innovations In Engineering

We have prepared many ideas that are concerned with latest innovations in engineering. In addition to that, even though this event aims primarily to attract those who are interested in geological technology, we have also prepared many surprised for all those who are interested in other areas of engineering as well. At the conference, you will be able to make yourself familiar with all sorts of innovations from around the world that are aimed to make the lives of all people better and easier. We also invite all those who are interested in getting in touch with the presenters to come in contact with them during the debates and workshops we will also be organizing. This way you will be able to ask them all the questions that you may have and get in touch with their work.

Why Vancouver?

We have chosen Vancouver precisely because it is a place where no such event is organized. The unique location of the Conference also means that you can expect engineers from the USA, but also from all parts of Asia and Europe flying in to contribute. We are proud of the location for the Conference, but in addition to that, we are saddened by the fact that we are only able to organize an annual Conference. It  is why we have much more ambitious plans for the future as well, where we plan to make new ideas about Conferences in other parts of the world that will attract even more people, connect them and join them so that we can make a difference in the world as a whole.