How To Go On A Fishing Trip Like A Professional?

Fishing may look complicated to people who never been on any trip but it does not have to like that as you can find a lot of resources and educate yourself. trolling lure hooks , floats, rods and all that can be confusing but in reality, is all simple and logical once you get to know few things.

We will use this opportunity to explain to you the basics of fishing so you could go on a trip like a pro fisherman.

Get yourself a license

The first thing, before you go, is to obtain the license as you do not want to go illegally and risk getting caught. The licenses are available online but also in convenience stores or in the fishing communities that are in charge of a certain area.

Woman Fishing On The River

Woman Enjoying In Fishing

The prices may vary from area to area, but some average is around $20. Still, paying every single time you go for it is much more expensive than getting an annual one. If you go regularly, do not buy a one-time permit, but rather invest money into the annual subscription that you can use whenever you can.

Have a proper gear

Before you set out, make sure that you are familiar with the equipment you will be using. Understand the rods, lures, hooks, casting and all that terminology that you might hear as this is important for you to understand everything.

Learn when you need to use live worms and when you can go with the rubber baits or even bread. In the beginning, you catch will not be that famous, but as you go more, you will collect experience and the hunt will be more successful. Therefore, invest more time in understanding the gear.

Get familiar with knots

Knots are crucial as you will not be able to anything without the knots. The clinch knot, the palomar knot and the double surgeon’ knot are the most frequent knots. Make sure that you know how to tie the knot as this is something that you will need throughout every adventure that you start.

Fisherman Checking Hook

Fisherman Checks The Bait

If you have two pieces of string that you need to connect, you should use surgeon’s knot. This often happens when the string attaches to the rock or log and breaks, so it is the best choice to use this knot.

Know the water

This is probably the most important thing – get familiar with water as you need to know where you are. Once you get to the spot, your goal is to identify the spots where fish may stay. If you are on pond, it is very likely that you will find fish near the shore or in the area where logs lay or grass grows.

Fish is hiding from predators and every place that is secluded and away from plain sight is the potential place for fish. Therefore, prepare yourself for more reading as you need to acquire a lot of information to be successful in this sport!