Using Firewall For Geo Location Access Prevention

Firewalls are very useful when it comes to Internet browsing, online gaming, network file sharing and all other related network activities and one of the best firewalls should be available on Sonicwall-Sales blog so make sure you check it. As each PC has its IP address, as well as MAC address, it is possible to block the access for a certain location using the firewall settings that allow you to mark the addresses.

Every IP address is marked in the databases that contain the details like country, region, city, postal code, ISP, coordinates and autonomous system. Using the databases, we can limit the access and block certain regions to access. Let’s explain the term geo-blocking, as it is connected to the firewall block of a certain IP address.


We will try to keep things simple and explain in plain words so everyone could understand. Geo-blocking is a term that describes the restriction of access to content, based upon the location of the IP address that wants to visit a certain website.


What is Geo-blocking?

So how does the server analyze whether a certain IP needs to be blocked? Well, it searches for a reference of the IP and its reference to the blacklist (list of banned IP addresses), searches the account that is connected to that IP and measures the end-to-end delay (an amount of time within the packet that is transmitted comes from the source to the required destination).

Complex firewalls can use various tools to measure this data and decide whether an access will be granted or not. They can also detect the VPN users (most often, users use VPN to mask their IP address for some reason) and restrict access to them as this activity can be considered as geographic filtering which is not allowed and often banned.

Why should you use Geo Location firewall block?

While some people may mark this as a very aggressive technique, it actually can be useful. For example, if you are having an online business and you want to disable customers from China to access your service as you do not offer the service overseas. This is actually really cool as you can limit your business and eliminate unnecessary communication, but it can produce a backfire instead and block your visitors and potential buyers.

Why should you use Geo Location firewall block

Do you need Geo Location firewall block?

A user from the US may buy a dedicated IP address that was registered in China (which you have blocked) a while ago, but there was no update to a database that would tell the system that the IP address’ location has been changed. In that way, a user from the allowed country will not be able to access to your website as he uses the IP address that was registered in the “restricted” country.

For this reason, it is extremely important that database providers update their records regularly, as the internet topology changes every day and the addresses are reassigned every day, especially when working with dynamic IPs. This prevents blocking a wrong user from visiting a certain website that he/she is looking for.