Why Is High Visibility Workwear The Inevitable Part Of Every Company?

Working in the low-visibility conditions and environment that can potentially mask your visibility can be dangerous for many reasons, both for workers and the equipment. Foggy weather, heavy raining and extreme blizzard often cause problems to workers as they cannot see each other in the construction or working place. This could lead to more serious problems that might be disastrous in some cases so the industry standards do require meeting certain requirements that could prevent the disaster.

Workers in plant hire services in Hull, for example, use yellow clothing to ensure visibility, while some other companies might use different bright colors. However,  in this article, we will explain in short why the HV (high visibility) workwear is important for workers.

It improves the visibility

It improves the visibility

How can High Visibility Workwear improves the visibility?

High level of visibility is crucial for safety, whether you are on the road, water or in the woods. A lot of accidents happen due to a reduced level of visibility when you simply cannot see that is someone by the road. When working on the road during foggy weather, it is very hard to spot someone by the road until you get to them really close. In case a worker wears black workwear or any other not so bright color, it is nearly impossible to spot him in a dark, especially wet weather.

It is the same with workers on a boat for example. If they fall over in the water and it is dark outside, the rescue mission would be very hard as no one could see their reflection of clothes when flashing with lights and therefore could not locate them. HV clothing reflects the lights and you could easily spot them in water even if they are not so close to you. For that reason, all the industry follows the requirements for the HV workwear to ensure their workers at least a bit of safety.

It is applied in every working environment, wherever exists a possibility for accidents and potential risks of inflicting harm due to reduced visibility or loud noises that could prevent you to hear someone.

Warehouses and storage facilities often involve using forklifts and heavy machinery so the workers and drivers must wear the bright colored workwear to ensure they are seen.

It is the part of the law and legal requirements

At the beginning of what we know as the industry, there were little, or no at all, standards and regulations that would enforce the high-level visibility clothes. Over time, the specific requirements were introduced to increase the safety and health so the workers could work safely. In every industry, a worker must have and wear proper clothes that will protect him, but also allow others to identify him in the working environment.

It is the part of the law and legal requirements

High Visibility Workwear is the part of the law and legal requirements

The HV workwear comes in orange, navy, bottle green and lime green colors. Occasionally, the yellow color might also used, especially for nighttime work when the visibility is very low and it may happen that they produce the combination of these colors that will be bright. The law dictates that a company must provide this kind of clothing for its workers, otherwise might face serious fines and legal problems.