How To Lose Your Weight Quickly And Effectively Without Drugs?

Losing weight is always one of the most interesting themes since we all want to live a healthy life without excessive fat and cholesterol. When we talk about losing weight, we have to understand that losing our meal menu will not do any good.

Instead, we have to regulate our food menu, drink a lot of water and the tea you can find at We will talk about teas a bit later, so let’s start with the first tip for losing weight quickly and effectively without drugs.

Have breakfast in two hours from the moment you wake up

The first meal is very important both for our body and our mind and a lot of us start the day with a cup of coffee. First of all, do not drink coffee if you have not eaten anything before coffee as this damages your stomach. Yes, this is impossible to stress enough as a lot of people think that they do not have to eat if they are not hungry.

Weight Loss

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This is the biggest mistake that must not do in any case! When you do not eat for more than two hours from waking up, your body does not have the needed nutrients and starts collapsing. First of all, you will not lose any fat doing this, as the fat gets lost with the physical exercise. Second, your body uses glucose and if you do not feed your body with it, it will use the reserves, which you do not want if it is not necessary.

Eat only when you are hungry

We all like to watch TV and have a snack like chips or pretzels. After all, we are not hungry but we just want to eat something while watching a movie. Easier said than done. Skip any snacks, unnecessary candy bars or protein shakes just to make sure you do not get hungry.

The biggest problem of overweight is excessive calorie intake. To know exactly how much you need to eat, you should keep the diary of your calories as well as calculate your average daily calorie loss. Then you need to adjust your diet to have enough calories for normal functioning.

Drink a lot of tea

Black tea, in particular, is the best beverage for all those who want to lose weight. Get rid of carbonated drinks, artificial candies and drink water and black tea only. Black tea is full of antioxidants that are regulating blood pressure, sugar level, free radicals and cholesterol.

Lose Your Weight Quickly And Effectively

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Having a couple of cups of this tea per day, you will ensure that your liver, lungs, gut, and the whole body stay healthy for a long time. It is not expensive, especially when you consider its load of health benefits. If possible, get yourself a powdered black tea. Due to its process of production, it contains much more healthy ingredients than any other commercial tea on the market.