The 4 Most Expensive Real Estates Of The World

If you are one of those people that often sell the houses and buy new ones, you will love this article where we will present some of the most expensive houses/estates in the world! Of course, whenever you decide to buy a new home, consult with a professional company like so you could get the price appraisal, insight into the papers and eventually in the house.

This is especially true when you want to buy top-notch estates that cost a lot of money! So, what are the most expensive mansions?

The One, Bel Air California – $500 million

The most expensive mansion in the world that is on sale is located in Bel Air, California on 100,000 square feet of the area! This modern and luxurious estate, which has four acres of total area, has 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms!

Luxury Home For Selling

Mansion In New York For Selling

It is a two-level mansion that has a stunning car garage where you can park 30 cars! When it comes to entertainment and leisure, you can count on the private theater with 36 seats, a bowling alley and 5 swimming pools! At the top of all these features, you have a free-360-view just for yourself!

Middle Gap Road, Hong Kong – $ 447 million

One-third of an acre is reserved for the mansion in Hong Kong’s island The Peak, which is the exclusive location in this megalopolis! Though the mansion has 5 bedrooms, the price so high because of the exclusive location that is placed at. It offers a fantastic view of the Deep Water Bay, while you can get to the city center in just 10 minutes by car.

The house has a private pool, parking for three cards and exclusive 1990’s design for interior and exterior. If you are looking for an exclusive location in Hong Kong, you cannot get any better than this.

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace, France – $390 million

Big Mansion With Pool

New Luxury Mansion With Pool

For all fans of France and the French Riviera, this is the best mansion that you can get with the most stunning look on the sea! It was designed by the Hungarian architect Antii Lovag and it took around 15 years to get completed. Though made in 1975, it was restored in 2017 and listed for the huge price. It has a few swimming pools, 13,000 square feet of space, 10 bedrooms and an amphitheater with 500 seats!

Mesa Vista Ranch, Texas – $250 million

If you want landscape miracles, then you will love this mansion in Texas, which takes more than 60,000 acres!

Apart from the four separate homes, a private airport and a huge part of Canadian River that passes through the mansion’s area, you have a tennis court, golf terrain, a theater and 40 bird dogs that are running there! It has a lot of trees and grass, making it perfect for people who love to spend days outdoor, while close to the home. Boone Pickens, who designed the property, needed around 50 years to get everything together! No wonder the price is that high!