The Best Cannabis Applications That You Must Have If You Like Weed

Cannabis and tech go hand by hand and these days, after the popularization of this plant, a lot of people tend to use weed applications. These apps can range from the one that allows you weed delivery to your door to the apps that provide you with entertainment.

As cannabis advocates, we present this article with the best apps that you must download to your phone. Feel free to ask us a question if you find something unclear.


How many times did it happen to you that you arrive in the new place and you do not know where to buy medical marijuana? You do not even know whether there is a dispensary that sells it. For this reason, the developers made WeedMaps allow users to search their area and look for the dispensary. Like Google Maps.

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WeedMaps allows you to scan the area while searching for the opened dispensaries that you can mark and save for later. Additionally, you can get the fastest route to the dispensary so you do not lose your time. The app is free of charge, making it great for use!


If there is one place that offers an extensive range of information about cannabis strains, then it has to be Leafly. Leafly is the huge library with data where you can read a lot of useful information, ranging from the strains info to the growing tips and user’s reviews.

It contains a huge number of strain reviews and there is no known strain that has not been mentioned in this site. Though it does not have a dedicated app, Leafly offers super-fast loading time, easy navigation and an extensive source of information that might help you when it comes to choosing the best strain.


As you know, we sometimes want to find a strain that has a particular flavor, a certain type of high as well as a long-lasting effect. While there are sources like Leafly, you would have to list all day the strains and manually filter all of them to come up with the results.

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Tokr is an app that is adapted mostly to medical patients who want to filter the results and get the best matches so they could achieve the best experience. You can read reviews of edibles, vaporizers as well as brands, sellers and seed banks.


Massrots is highly similar to Leafly. You can find all the reviews, personal opinions on the strains as well as the recommendations from the experienced smokers who know are familiar with the right strains.

At the same time, there is a huge HUB where people write their experiences on the growing and consuming particular strains, which makes it great for those who want to learn. They also follow all the marijuana news, legislations and legalization changes throughout the world, so it is one of the best places to get yourself informed about the status of weed in a certain country.