GeoVan Conference Much Needed Info For All Visitors

At the Conference which will take place in Vancouver, you will have the rare chance and a unique opportunity to meet new people from engineering world, make new contacts and put your ideas forward with the chance of finding new business partners, co-workers and of course benefactors. If you are interested in more precise information on attending this event, here you will be able to find out everything you need to know.

Your Stay At The Conference

conferenceWhile registering you can also find accommodation through our website since we offer all our visitors and participants accommodation if they choose to use it. The prices are very affordable, and the accommodation is more than decent. Also, it is important to say that by staying with us you will also be located in the very area where all the events will take place, which will make it easier for you to come to and from the conference. This way, visitors who are coming from distant parts of the world, will be able to attend and stay here without too much hustle. Also, you will not need to use a transportation of any kind, whether it is public transportation or a car.

Still, You Would Like To Come With Your Car?

In case that you are coming to the conference in your car, still, you can be put at ease by the fact that we offer a parking space to all visitors and attendants. You will, however, have to make it known in your application that you are expecting to have a parking space, as the organizers are limited by the number of parking spaces available. Nonetheless, there is enough parking space in the area, and the organizers will make sure that everyone has a space for their car. In addition to that, we must also mention that traffic in Vancouver is just amazing, so whether you plan to come with your car, use public transportation or even rent a bike – it is great for any transportation. Particularly in this part of the year when the weather allows it as well.