GeoVan Program Book 2017

As for the expected program for the year 2017, all we can say is that it bears many similarities with last year’s program, while it is at the same time a lot different, offering new perspectives on innovations and technology. We have tried to give our visitors and participants a successful form of a scientific platform where they will be able to put their ideas forward, get contacts, find funds and much more. Read more about the GeoVan on our website and find out more about the GeoVan Program Book 2017 right here!


GeoVan Program Book

To get a GeoVan Program Book for this year, you either have to purchase it in our store which will be available to all the visitors of the GeoVan Conference or download it from our web store. We have had in mind that a lot of our visitors are tech savvy, so we have also prepared many other surprises in our website as well. To check them out, make sure you use our username and register as a participant or a visitor, and you will be able to get interactive maps and of course the guide book with all the participants resumes and short biographies. You will also have the chance to explore their work interactively, no matter where you are. So, when you head out to our conference from for example China, you can on your way in the plane read all about the GeoVan even before you land. Make sure you make the most of this cool opportunity, because not only you will find it quite helpful, but you will also have the chance to explore the work of our participants at the event which will help you in your career and your research. We advise our visitors to use all of these advantages and make the most of this two-day conference, as it is truly a unique event that happens only once a year. We also have some new ideas for future projects, but you can find out more about it on our news page.